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The Beauty of Gems Shines through the Elegant Timepiece

Rv 278608 3006 Happy Sport 2 Scaled

In addition to being a timepiece, another important role and function of a watch is to indicate the identity and personality of the wearer. As well as being an accessory that can make the wearer shine more prominently.

Therefore, it’s not surprising to see that most women’s watches take on both roles through elegantly designed timepieces that combine the beauty of glittering gems like diamonds. Now, Chopard has managed to achieve this seamlessly through the latest two new watches that are introduced.

Chopard Happy Sport Midnight Purple

The new standout comes with a signatures of Chopard’s Happy Sport collection, the launch of the 2023 version presents a new dial color, Midnight Purple with the brand iconic playful, the dancing diamond.

It all started in 1993, Caroline Scheufele Co-President of Chopard brought the concept of designing a sports watch that gathers two unlikely things, stainless steel case and elegance of diamond. Along with a special technique that has become a brand identity such as filling each diamond inside the dial that it can roll around without disturbing the hands and hour markers of the watch. From this concept, it has been successfully developed and eventually became the Happy Sport collection.

Rv 278608 6012 Happy Sport 4 Scaled


The guilloché dial is beautifully finished by PVD coated. The Midnight Purple is a reference to the sun’s reflection that shines across the sky as night approaches dawn, enhancing the purplish-blue tone with iridescent glides. Another, which is a clear demonstration of the Maison’s unrivalled skill to combine the superiority of watches with flawlessly striking jewelry designs, the five diamonds spin freely on the dial in Chopard’s dancing diamond style.

There is also a diamond embellishment on the bezel and enhance the beauty by installing a blue sapphire on the cross section of the crown and comes with a bluish-purple alligator leather strap and a pin buckle strap.

While choosing precious materials such as various types of gold often comes with a watch in the style of jewelry. However, Chopard intends to preserve the original concept of the Happy Sport collection and continues to use stainless steel as the main material to make the case and bezel.

Rv 274893 5016 Happy Sport 1 Scaled

The Chopard’s steel is unique because it is Lucent Steel. The Lucent Steel A223, a material developed by Chopard that is 50% harder than conventional steel and is known for its anti-allergenic properties comparable to surgical steel. Therefore, it can reduce the risk for those who love stainless steel watches but are concerned about allergies.

The latest Happy Sport collection comes with a 33 mm-diameter case which is considered to be suitable for the female wrist. In addition, the design team adheres to the golden ratio principles to place the mechanism in this watch. All of them are linked for performance, including the positioning of the Chopard 09.01-C movement, all of which allow the watch to be worn comfortably.

The automatic movement to be driven precisely by 148-part at 25,200 Hz frequency and 42-hour power reserve that is enough for daily use.

Rv 10a178 5606 Lheure Du Diamant Federal Studio1 Scaled


Chopard L’Heure du Diamant 

Chopard is recognized as a watchmaking that specializes in the creation of timepieces with precious gems under the concept of combining contemporary design and valuable materials in decoration, this allows each Chopard collection to fully reflect the beautiful glamour, and still be seen in the L’Heure du Diamant collection today.

L’Heure du Diamant is the perfect combination of jewelry craftsmanship and high-end watchmaking expertise. Finally, become a watch that presents the elegant and the genius mechanism that meet the demand of women in this present day as well. 

In this new model, the watch has a 26 mm-diameter case made from 18K rose gold and embedded the diamond with a special technique called crown setting, which enhances the beauty of each diamond by allowing light to shine through and more than 2-carat diamonds that surround the bezel.

The mother of pearl dial is perfectly matched with the sparkle of the surrounding diamonds as are the twelve diamonds that adorn the dial for the hour markers.

It’s all shown Chopard’s ability to perfectly match genius and beauty to showcase the perfect expression of today’s femininity.

Rv 10a178 5606 Lheure Du Diamant Federal Studio2 Scaled