11 Oct 2017

Casio & Cortina Watch Unveils the MRG-G2000HT-1A


11 October 2017 – Few watches can claim to be game changers at inception. Fewer still can do so, then remain relevant over the ensuing decades amidst the changing zeitgeist. The G-SHOCK is one such rarity. Originally conceived as a shockproof timepiece, it’s branched into various lines to give the G-SHOCK its broad-based appeal even 35 years later. The watch’s enduring popularity among professionals such as Navy SEALs, however, underscores its continued adherence to the original mission of exceptional toughness.

The premium range is the latest stage of the G-SHOCK’s evolution to meet its clientele’s changing needs. All-metal cases and bracelets, bleeding edge timekeeping technologies, and traditional artisanal techniques are just some of these watches’ features. This segment’s flagship for 2017 is the MRG-G2000HT-1A Kasumi Tsuchime Limited Edition, which CASIO Singapore was proud to present with Cortina Watch on 21 September.

Held at Taku, a Japanese restaurant and bar nestled in a conserved shophouse along the gentrified Bukit Pasoh Road, the evening launch event was attended by selected VIPs and friends from the media. Gracing the event were Mr Kikuo Ibe, Research and Development Chief Engineer and creator of the G-SHOCK, Mr Shingo Ishizaka, who led the team that developed the Kasumi

Tsuchime Limited Edition, Mr Luke Ng, General Manager of Cortina Watch, and Mr Shigeru Watanabe, Managing Director of Casio Singapore. Mr Ibe and Mr Ishizaka, in particular, were on hand to offer insights into the genesis and development of the G-SHOCK into its iterations today.

Mr Kikuo Ibe, Research and Development Chief Engineer and creator of the G-SHOCK

The MRG-G2000HT features CASIO’S latest Connected Engine 3-Way module that keeps time anywhere in the world by receiving both radio wave and GPS satellite time calibration signals, while also connecting to time servers via a smartphone. It boasts a handcrafted texture on its bezel and bracelet, which is created using the tsuiki metal-hammering techniques, as well as a “Japan blue” indigo finish. A limited edition of 500 watches will be sold worldwide. In Singapore, the watch is available exclusively at Cortina Watch, Chinatown Point*, and G-Factory Premium, Marina Bay Sands.

*Update as of July 2018: The Chinatown Point boutique had closed and Casio timepieces will be available in our Mandarin Gallery boutique.

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