10 Aug 2017

Patek Philippe: The Authorized Biography

Patek Philippe: The Authorized Biography

Discover the world of Patek Philippe through a 500-page book describing the evolution of Genevan manufacture from its beginnings in 1839 to present.

“I am very pleased to see the history of my family’s company come to life in this excellent volume. This is the first time that the Patek Philippe archive has been accessed and brought to life in a factual and definitive work. Nicholas Foulkes has perfectly recreated the atmosphere and details of our 175-year journey.” – Philippe Stern Honorary President of Patek Philippe

The World of Patek Philippe

Nicholas Foulkes, renowned historian, author and editor, traces the history of Patek Philippe from the founder, Antoine Norbert de Patek’s early life in Poland, to present successful watch house. For example, Nicholas recounts Antoine’s life in Geneva or meeting with watchmaker Jean Adrien Philippe. Other exclusive moments are shared in Patek Philippe Authorized Biography such as the visuals and the story of a unique timepiece bought by Queen Victoria for her husband Prince Albert. Or the interview Nicholas was granted with Swiss jewelry designer Gerald Genta, who was responsible for the design of the first Nautilus model in 1976. Moments that played pivotal roles in the history of the company. Learn everything about Patek Philippe through the Authorized Biography – for more information head over to our boutiques !

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