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Vanguard Skeleton Colour Dreams

Exclusive to Southeast Asia, the psychedelic dials of the V 43 Vanguard Skeleton Color Dreams are a house signature. Anodised aluminium bridges are secured directly to the lightweight Carbotech case, featuring vivid pop colours, from a fiery red barrel bridge to a marigold yellow small seconds counter at 6 o’clock.


Colour Me Happy

A collector of art and crafter of sophisticated watches, Franck Muller’s two passions frequently collided in bursts of creativity. This was how the very first Color Dreams watch was born. With the watch dial as our canvas, we gave rise to a rainbow display on our iconic oversized hour markers in 2000. Since then, Color Dreams has entered every corner of Franck Muller’s collections.

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Vanguard Skeleton Colour Dreams

With the watch dial as our canvas, we gave rise to a rainbow display on our iconic oversized hour markers in 2000. Since then, Color Dreams has entered every corner of Franck Muller’s collections.


Grand Central Tourbillon

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Vanguard Casablanca

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Vanguard Rose Skeleton

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Vanguard Rose Skeleton Black Diamonds

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Vanguard Skeleton Colour Dreams

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Official Franck Muller Retailer

The concept of telling time is anything but traditional at the house of Franck Muller. The Franck Muller house, founded in 1991, is the epitome of watchmaking excellence, creating exclusive timepieces that are complemented by complicated movements and unique designs. Having established itself as one of the best Swiss Horlogerie brands, its strong in-house capabilities are revered by many all over the world. Combining boldness and innovation with exceptional Haute Horlogerie expertise, the Master of Complications has been dazzling the world with groundbreaking technical advances since 1992. Today, the artisans at the Franck Muller continue to make some of the most recognisable and iconic timepiece collections that push the boundaries of the tradition of fine watchmaking. Still creating watch models like the Franck Muller Vanguard collection that reigns supreme in terms of horological art, Franck Muller remains an indispensable watchmaker when it comes to launching bold and daring pieces.

As the leading retailer of luxury timepieces in the Asia-Pacific region, Cortina Watch is the top retailer of Franck Muller watches. Boasting an exclusive range of Franck Muller’s best creations, visit our boutiques in Thailand to experience the outstanding quality and ability of the brand to take on a new approach to the concept of time with its exemplary timepieces.

A New Philosophy of Time

Every Frank Muller watch embodies the brand’s core values, delivering unrivalled emotions to the owner of the piece. With emblematic timepieces like The Crazy Hours, Franck Muller declared freedom from the stereotypical way of how time is told by maintaining order within the “chaos”. Be it through the controlled disorder of its numerals or the extreme curvature of the brand’s iconic shape, Franck Muller has an enviable reputation for creating some of the most dazzling masterpieces in history that simultaneously establish a new ideology.

Pushing the Boundaries of Tradition

Constantly pushing boundaries of horological construction, Franck Muller has garnered tremendous respect in the watchmaking industry, drawing the eyes of watch connoisseurs and those looking for a little avant-garde on their wrist. With its creativity, and ingenuity evolving with the times and leveraging its incredible in-house capabilities, Franck Muller watches break barriers, pushing further with innovative complications and great technique. Unveiling timepieces that are products of relentless research and development, Franck Muller continues to render works of art that are also one-of-a-kind achievements bound by complex technological difficulties revered by followers of the Swiss watchmaking tradition.

Authentic Elegance 

Focusing on passion, precision, and innovation, the creative genius of Franck Muller is apparent in every masterpiece, radiating contemporary style and spirit. Through clever and complex mechanisms, collections like the
Grand Central Tourbillon, Vanguard Casablanca, and Vanguard Rose Skeleton prove time and time again that they are always at the forefront of the universe of fine Swiss watchmaking. Astounding the masses of the present day with bold and daring launches, the brand makes its mark within the legendary universe of the art of watchmaking.

Discover Franck Muller Watches In Thailand

Upgrade your collection of classic timepieces with an addition from Franck Muller. Simply pay a visit to any of our boutiques in Thailand and pick a Franck Muller timepiece you have your eye on. Regardless of the collection you choose from, the complicated movements and original designs of Franck Muller watches are primed to impress.

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Wish to find out more about our Franck Muller watch collection, its prices, and specifications? Our team at Cortina Watch is happy to answer all queries you may have. Fill out our online enquiry form, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible. Alternatively, view our frequently asked questions about Franck Muller watches below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Franck Muller Watches

1. What makes Franck Muller watches unique?

Abiding by aesthetic codes that have stood the test of time, Franck Muller watches and their timeless design aesthetic radically departs from the norm. Having founded the tonneau shape case, the extreme curvature celebrates dynamic and contemporary style. Its distinctive numerals, which are a symbol of the brand, also perpetuate the artistic marriage of art and mechanical constraints.

2. What are the latest watches in the Franck Muller collection?

Each consecutive watch collection from Franck Muller is constantly pushing the boundaries of timekeeping precision. Featuring exquisite diamond and delicate hand-painted roses the Franck Muller Vanguard Rose Skeleton collection of watches are a visual treat for ladies looking for a timeless Franck Muller diamond watch. For a true incarnation of sober refinement, the Franck Muller Vanguard Casablanca collection is a great classic to don.

3. Where can I purchase Franck Muller watches in Thailand?

Cortina Watch is an authorised retailer and distributor of Franck Muller and other luxury watch brands in Thailand. Our boutiques are designed to provide a personalised experience from start to end – ensuring you walk away with the right luxury watch. Continue to stay engaged with us by visiting any of our boutiques in Thailand to be updated on the latest additions and watch price lists from Franck Muller.