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Luna Rossa Collection



Submersible Marina Militare Carbotech™

For decades, Panerai watches and precision instruments have equipped the commandos of the Italian Navy. Panerai still makes creations of invincible spirit which evoke the legendary history of those special forces. Delivering remarkable technical performance, Panerai Submersible watches are professional underwater watches presenting innovative technical solutions - timepieces built with Carbotech material that’s truly one of its kind.

70th Anniversary of the Luminor



Panerai reinterprets classic proportions in a contemporary manner, preserving all the characteristics which over the years have made this watch an icon

Luminor Marina Carbotech™

Designed with ingenuity and durability in mind, the Luminor Marina Carbotech™ weighs just 96 grams, allowing for movement, flexibility, and comfort. The extraordinary Luminor Marina Carbotech™ embodies innovation, endurance, and performance - cornerstones of the Panerai brand that makes it a class of its own.

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The PANERAI watches are a natural blend of Italian design, Swiss technology and passion for the sea.

Founded in Florence in 1860 as a workshop, shop and school of watch-making for many decades Panerai supplied the Italian Navy specialist diving corps with precision instruments. Originally created to be used deep underwater, Panerai watches are known for their unparalleled legibility and luminosity in the dark. In 1997 the brand was acquired by the Richemont Group and launched on the international market. Today, Panerai develops and crafts its movements and watches at its Neuchâtel manufacture, combining Italian design flair and history with Swiss horological expertise.

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