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Bell & Ross Introduces the New BR 05 Artline Steel & Gold

Bell Ross Br 05 Artline Steel Gold Cortina Watch Featured Image

Launched in 2022, the Artline range offers, through the Bell & Ross BR 05 urban collection, a strong design inspired by the Art Deco movement of the 1930s interwar period.

Bell & Ross_BR 05 Artline Steel & Gold_Cortina Watch

An Aeronautical Inspiration

“This name indicates that it incorporates an artistic dimension (art) in its design (line). When you look at it, you immediately think of the American Streamline style”, explains Bruno Belamich, Creative Director and co-founder of Bell & Ross. The Streamline movement, initiated in the United States in the 1930s, perfectly exemplifies a harmonious blend of form, materials, and technical know-how. Blending industrial design with aerodynamic elements, Streamline embodies the ascent of functionalist aesthetics.

This movement also marks the birth of a new profession: that of the designer. These designers are not just engineers or draftsmen. Their task is to conceive lines and colour combinations that will bring originality and aesthetics to industrial products. The pioneers of this movement, notably Raymond Loewy, introduced everyday objects that embraced the avant-garde lines of contemporary trains, aircraft and automobiles.

By embracing this trend with the Artline series, Bell & Ross pays tribute to these designers.

Bell & Ross_BR 05 Artline Steel & Gold_Cortina Watch - closeup

A Jewel of Strength

Acclaimed in the 70s and 80s especially in the United States, the gold/steel combination brings to these timepieces a rare and precious elegance by combining refinement and power. As a whole new generation rediscovers the boldness and flair of that era of creative virtuosity and freedom, the marriage of gold and steel is making a strong comeback in contemporary watchmaking. Bell & Ross is, of course, appropriating this in its own way. The new BR 05 Artline Steel & Gold is anything but nostalgic or neo-vintage. As a contemporary urban watch, it takes the stance of
not choosing between strength and refinement.

“With the Artline, we aimed to offer a watch that is adorned and elegant at the same time. Decorating its large surfaces (case and central links) allowed us to reveal the potential of the BR 05 through the prism of refinement, the precious and jewellery”, says Bruno Belamich, Creative Director at Bell & Ross. Another significant advantage is that by combining these two materials, a precious watch with parts in 18-carat rose gold becomes more accessible.

Bell & Ross_BR 05 Artline Steel & Gold_Cortina Watch - closeup 2

A Precious and Powerful Timepiece Drawing from Aviation

On the new BR 05 Artline Steel & Gold, one graphical element immediately catches the eye of fine watchmaking connoisseurs: the gold elements. The bezel and central links of the integrated bracelet are fluted. Appreciated for both high-end watchmaking craftsmanship and goldsmith ornamentation, the reliefs of this finish evoke modern architecture. Unusual on technical pieces, the fluted design provides the BR 05 Artline with a distinctive and singular character. The Artline line stands apart from the rest of Bell & Ross’s BR 05 collection, carving out its own unique space while still honouring the defining characteristics of its lineage.

The ripples created by the fluting also hold a resonating evocative and emotional power for aviation enthusiasts. This is, of course, one of Bell & Ross‘ favourite areas of expression. On the BR 05 Artline, they evoke the aluminium fuselages of 1940s cruise planes, known for their particularly sturdy structure. “Several references were swirling in my mind while creating this piece. The first of these was about air travel”, confirms Bruno Belamich, Creative Director at Bell & Ross, who is now delighted to incorporate a more valuable dimension into the Maison’s urban collection. Underneath the refinement lies strength.

Bell & Ross_BR 05 Artline Steel & Gold_Cortina Watch - caseback

Distinctive Dial and a High-Performance Movement

The large numerals typical of Bell & Ross‘s time indicators give way to baton indices coated with luminescent material, just like the hour and minute hands. For this highly exclusive limited series of 99 pieces, the seconds hand is made of gold to complement the new exclusive colour of the dial.

A bright sunlit brown that requires a specific manufacturing technique. To achieve the desired effect, the metal plate from which the dial is cut must be coated with a tinted brown varnish. This dial adorns a precise and high-performing Swiss self-winding movement, the BRCAL. 321-1 calibre, equipped with a reassuring power reserve of 54 hours. A sapphire case back on this 40mm watch, waterproof to 100 metres, reveals the finishes and the full 360° oscillating weight.

Abounding in symbolism, the new BR 05 Artline Steel & Gold embraces multiple and complementary references, blending architectural rigour, versatile urban style, modernist industrial aesthetics, and aeronautical evocations. A statement of contemporary elegance.

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